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Tuesday, July 23

A conservationist’s concern - by Surekha Narain

Garbage dumps in Delhi are exploding by the day. While walking to experience the HERITAGE OF DELHI, we encounter in our hidden gems, landfills and garbage dumps; and the ugly Grafitti defacing our precious heritage – a national shame ! 

The solution is simple –

  • Segregate your garbage at source – Organic kitchen waste needs to be binned separate from dry, recyclable garbage.
  • Eliminate the garbage dump – (a middleman or broker) by sending the garbage straight to the composting pit in the DDA parks in your colony. Don’t let it rot in the garbage dump.
  • At the de-composting pit site – the kitchen waste is used to make compost. The dry waste can lie here for the Kabariwala. There are no cows / dogs eating rotten food which is the usual site at any garbage dump.

Even better — kill your own garbage at home. Make your own compost in a drum. Sell the balance to the Kabariwala.

You only need:

  • Cooperation from the households
  • Making sure the garbage man is informed of his new route to the de-composting pit.
  • Facilitation by RWAs & DDA. 
    And that is what makes a ZERO GARBAGE COLONY

Some initiatives of ‘Delhi Metro Walks’ for 2010:

  • Getting to know the heritage sites in your neighborhood – Starting Dec’09 we undertook a Heritage walk to know about the tombs & monuments in Green Park, Hausa a Khans & Mayfair Gardens (my own locality), where we address the above concerns to find solutions. In subsequent months, we shall organize similar walks in other localities
  • Volunteer for Historical Research with Delhi Metro Walks for ASI signages.