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  Haveli in Old Delhi   Ghalib walk

"Delhi is a fascinating city historically but it's not easy to experience it without knowing where to go and what to see. One way to overcome this is to consider walking tours of some of the hidden aspects of the many civilizations that have adopted Delhi as their capital and left their mark on history. Surekha Narain is a Heritage Walking Consultant who conducts walks around several areas of the city. She is clearly passionate and devoted on the subject of the civilizations of Delhi and has done extensive study and research to gather the facts and the figures, the locations and the routes. What is different though are the stories and the reference points she uses to bring these areas alive during the walk. I just went on a walk in Mehrauli; an area I know well - at least I thought I did. Because of Surekha I now know it a lot better!” Nick Klotz, Publisher, Mehrauli Village Walk, Sept. ’09.

Nick Klotz is a publisher from Australia and has been living in India for six years. He has traveled the country extensively and is highly passionate about India's rich heritage. Read more about what Nick has to say in the Mehrauli walk experiences section.
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Delhi Metro Walks, founded by Surekha Narain dedicates this site in loving memory of her late mother, Mrs. Usha Raj Narain. Surekha is a hard core Dilliwala who is well-known to create historic tours that are specialized, imaginative and creative. The real essence of the city is unearthed as these walks highlight a vast range of architectural styles, and trace the city’s social and cultural history. Her endeavor is to portray Delhi as a Heritage City for 2010, even as the city continues to be swallowed up by commercialization, innumerable malls, and loss of green cover. The Delhi Metro Rail has made it possible for her to explore otherwise inaccessible sites and design even more interesting walks. In addition to the regular well known sites of Delhi, her forte is her ‘off-the–beaten-track’ walks listed in the Heritage Walks section. To meet the organizer, explorer, creator, conductor, and discover Delhi’s hidden gems – join her on one of her walks and experience her passion first hand.

Cycle rickshaw ride in Chandni Chowk
  “How much can you learn of an ancient city in two days?  With Surekha Narain at our side we learned surprisingly much.  Surekha is a thoughtful as well as enthusiastic and well informed guide. She employed her knowledge to fit our interests, available time, as well as physical limits and in two days managed to infect us with her enthusiasm and a wish to return to learn more.  And, what is also important, was a thoroughly imaginative shopping companion...her mobile phone number is permanently in my iPhone...”

Prof. Thomas C. (2005 Nobel Laureate in Economics) and Alice Schelling, World Bank delegates, June 2009.
In an auto rickshaw outside Maiden's hotel after a metro ride