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Tuesday, July 23

Amazing ‘Delhi & Beyond’

 View from Zafar Mahal, Mehrauli

Amazing ‘Delhi & Beyond’
- Customized / Group Walks (Tours) with Surekha Narain

Nizamuddin Dargah

What is different or unique about Surekha’s Walks?

Surekha’s walks in Delhi and short trips to other locations are solidly founded in her love of the history, culture and nature of her home city and country, along with detailed research and attention to the needs of her guests. You will be ignited by her passion, while she demystifies India for the newcomer and unearths hidden surprises for the long-time resident or curious local.

Some special features of her tours include:

  • Experiencing amazing aspects of Delhi, Jaipur, Agra and other destinations -history and culture, people and places, street foods and bazaars, ancient temples, mosques and forts, festivals and artefacts
  • Unearthing hidden treasures at unusual and unexpected places: Surekha opens doors which are usually closed and specialises in seemingly-spontaneous arrangement of spectacles, unheard-of itineraries and additional experiences and surprises – such as musical treats, exotic shopping and delicious local foods
  • Bringing the history of sites alive through the visual depiction presented inSurekha’s “walking office” of folders with photographs, sketches, hard-to-find maps, stories and anecdotes of that particular era
  • Travelling on a world-class metro to unveil the evolution of Delhi – Starting from the 1st City of Delhi in the Mehrauli area up to the 7th city of the Mughals, exploring British 1911 Delhi and Lutyen’s New Delhi – all this in a day, and sometimes even in half a day, for the visitor with little time
  • Opening your eyes to nature along the route and learningabout the birds, butterflies and trees
  • Tasting and learning about local foods, including street foods, all tried and tested by Surekha

Delhi is one of the world’s heritage destinations concealing many rich layers of history. Whether you have only a few hours, or have lived here for years, we offer an experience for you through our wide range of regular group tours and customized walks. In spite of modernization and malls threatening to engulf the original character of the city, we can still discover Delhi in its pristine glory by joining a walk with Surekha.

Having experienced walks such as Introductory Tours, Spiritual Tours, Mughal Delhi, 1911 British Delhi and Sufi Tours with Surekha first-hand, you might like to explore deeper into Delhi’s lesser known alleys on your next visit, OR add more places beyond Delhi from the short trips section, OR let your friends and other like-minded people know and invite them for future walks.

We offer a wide variety of walks to create an awareness of Delhi’s built and natural heritage. Discover history, nature, architecture, textiles, spiritual life and culture on our walks. Delhi Metro Walks has over 30 walk routes for Delhi alone: 6 in Chandni Chowk, 5 in Kashmiri Gate & Civil Lines, 8 in Central Delhi, and 7 in South Delhi. Add in the Seven Cities, Theme Walks and Specific Period Walks. Isn’t Delhi amazing?

How are these walks offered?

Our walks and tours can be enjoyed in many ways:

  • Individuals(age no bar) and families can join our 30+ walk routes for Delhi alone through regular and occasional group tours of various sizes (10-20 walkers)(including Moms, Dads and Kids Tours, with quizzes and puzzles, aimed at families but open to everyone)– please click on Heritage Walks & Tours
  • Private and customized tours (1-10 walkers),including walks tailored for schools, colleges, clubs etc.,can be arranged on request– you can also open your private tour to others to make a bigger group and share the costs – please see private and customized tours
  • We also offer short trips outside Delhi, on an occasional or customized basis. For more information click on Short trips
  • New in our offering are virtual online tours from the comfort of your home. Be safe, stay in and enjoy Delhi. Click on Tours from Home

Our charges are guaranteed value for money and reflect our experience of over 20 years of meticulous planning, research and quick understanding of our client’s needs, with walk timings carefully chosen to be appropriate for the area, weather and traffic. Charges vary, due to the variety of walks, group sizes and add-ons we offer. Food is included in some walks.

Duration of walks varies from 2-4 hours to a half-day to a full day, according to the route and client requirements. Group walks of 2-4 hours are ideal for people living in Delhi, while tourists with little time can discover Delhi’s unique character on a half-day or full-day walk.

Walk Essentials:

  • The walks in Delhi are mostly on foot, and can include rickshaws and metro-rail.
  • Please wear good walking shoes that can be taken off and carried at religious sites.
  • Head covering is advised to avoid the sun and is also necessary at sites of worship. Mouth cover for the spice market.
  • Carry enough drinking water.
  • Dress unobtrusively. No shorts/half pants are permitted in religious sites. No leather items are allowed in the Jain temples.

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