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Wednesday, September 30

NEW Walks/Tours from Home

Delhi Metro Walks announces new online tours. These virtual experiences are designed to engage and fascinate you, from the comfort of your own home.

We love our city and wish to share that passion with you. Come with us and piece together all the fascinating elements of Delhi and its history.

Our meticulous research of over 20 years and boundless enthusiasm have created a set of experiences that not only shed light on the better-known parts of Delhi but go “off the beaten track” to reveal aspects of the city you may never have thought of.

We cover both the built and natural heritage. Birds, trees. Butterflies are not missed out.

Our visual aids – old photos, documents, paintings and articles –will help you understand the sights you are seeing even better.
We dive down narrow alleys to discover hidden treasures

Be safe, stay in and enjoy our experiences.

How these “Walks from Home” will be offered?

Group walks will be offered with specific times and dates, and ALL, from across the world, are welcome to join. For announcements on what we are offering please see the Monthly Walks section.

In addition, any of our huge range of online regular walks, on weekdays and weekends, can be offered as 1- 2 hour-long sessions on Zoom, Facebook, Skype or other platform. For walk options do refer to the Heritage Walks & Tours section.

Or we can customise walks, especially for your needs. You can also start your own virtual tours for a group of friends and relatives.