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Tuesday, May 30

Heritage walks with Surekha Narain, Feb.2021

Date & Time Walk to
Sun. Feb. 7, 10.30 to 1 pm Mehrauli archaeological park
Sun. Feb. 14, 9 am to 12 noon Qutb Complex: 1st City
Sun.Feb. 21, 9 am to 12 noon Architecture, Markets & cafes around Lodhi estate
Sun. Feb. 28, 8.30 am to 1 pm 1857 Mutiny Part A: Northern Ridge
The schedule above is subject to change. To join the weekend group walks –REGISTRATIONS OPEN A WEEK IN ADVANCE. Walks are confirmed only a week in advance, when an e-mail is sent to register. (In case you are not on Surekha’s e-mail list, please send your e-mail ID, stating which walks you are interested in). On registration, walks are organized for a cost-effective group size of 10-15 people. For smaller groups, you could book a ‘Private Tour’ which is Customized to suit your time and date. For further details and registration, contact Surekha on surekha@delhimetrowalks.com or 9811330098& visit www.delhimetrowalks.com

Add under Mehrauli villageTour A marvellous tour off the beaten track, it took in the tombs of Sufi Saints, a Sufi music performance, the summer palace of the last Mughal emperor and, most interestingly, a visit to a khanqah housing 49 tombs of hijras (eunuchs) from the Lodi period…CMandJJMR, Feb. 2019 Just go with Surekha Highly recommended Surekha is a brilliant guide. She is warm and friendly and she will take you in hand. She will find out your interests and tailor a tour to delight you. If you’re not sure what to see … just go with Surekha’s suggestions….Jean Eade UK, Feb. 2019.