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Monday, June 17

On Trip Advisor, March 2011

Surekha makes “innocents aboard” into confident travelers — Our first experience was travelling on the metro into Chandni Chowk for the food walk. A journey on this very busy metro line is not for the “faint hearted”. Under Surekha’s guidance 16 of us started the journey together and miraculously kept together the whole tour. The technique of crossing the busy roads was the next lesson. We also picked up lots of good tips on eating safely in India. Street Food Walk.

We hired Surekha for private tours for a couple of days. The traditional tourist sites come alive under her knowledge and enthusiasm. However it is the visits to less well known temples and hidden gems where one appreciates Surekha for imparting her love and knowledge of Delhi. Without her advice and guidance we would not have had so rich an adventure with food, travel and site-seeing. By Indian standards she is extremely expensive, but for her knowledge, enthusiasm, fun and friendship she was worth every rupee.

Harthan’s tours, Feb. 2011 — Street Food walk in Chandni Chowk, at night drive thru’ Lutyens Delhi, Qutb complex, flower market, Mehrauli A. Park, Mahavir Jain Temple for Green Delhi, South Indian Lunch, Humayun’s Tomb, Sufi Shrine, Mughal dinner at Karims. Getting to know Delhi in just 2 1/2 days.

Superb Experience Hertiage Walks with Surekha Narain
Surekha is a dynamic and knowledgeable guide who is passionate about her work. She wants you to learn and she makes an effort to make the experience excellent for you. She knows her stuff and also knows how to protect her group from factors like cheating vendors, overwhelming crowds and metro doors that do not open – our group joked that she could part the Red Sea after she got doors to open for us at a metro station in Delhi. Anasuya Dubey, San FranciscoUS, 16  Nov 2010, 3-day tour – 1st & 7th city of Delhi and Sufi Delhi.      

On Trip Advisor Mar 30, 2010

I can’t imagine a better way to be introduced to New Delhi than taking at least one walk with Surekha. In fact, if you visit Delhi and don’t spend time with Surekha you’ll miss a lot. She’s highly informed and a delightful companion who made my adventures in Delhi really special on two walks, one to Qutb Minar and the Archeological Gardens nearby, and the other to Old Delhi. A visit to the Red Fort was really extra special. Go with Surekha and you’ll see Delhi in new ways, learn more than you can imagine about its history, its people, and architecture. Eadie Adamson, US, March 2010, Private tour Qutb Minar, Archeological Parks, Red Fort, Chandni Chowk, Jama Masjid.

2. Guardian, UK, April 7, 2010

  Surekha is a native of Delhi who does weekend group tours and private tours of Delhi, its history, architecture and more. She’s highly informed and enthusiastic about her subject and provides the best, most informed and interesting introduction I can imagine to New Delhi (and Old Delhi). I can’t imagine visiting Delhi without spending time with Surekha. More on

3. New York Times Travel section, April 12th, 2010

  Don’t go to Delhi without connecting for at least one walk with Surekha Narain, a native Delhi-ite who is a first-rate guide and will become a fast friend as well. See her website for how to contact her. She does regular weekend walks and can be hired for time during the week. I had two fabulous half-days with her. i can’t emphasize enough how great my time was with Surekha as a guide, even getting in to places at the Red Fort that tourists aren’t generally allowed! More on

4a. More on Trip Advisor, April 12, 2010

Wow! First-time visitor link from the New Delhi page on Trip Advisor Always do a half day or full day sightseeing tour in any new city. Excellent value and introduction to where the various landmarks are located. Don’t go to Delhi without connecting for at least one walk with Surekha Narain, a native Delhi-ite who is a first-rate guide. Her website (which also recommends a couple of wonderful B&Bs) is

4b. From Sandy Bolcar on Trip Advisor, USA, Apr 24, 2010.

  I also had a wonderful experience with Surekha Narain as my guide. I went on two half day tours with her and learned a lot about India. I went away with a great sense of history and appreciation for the people and culture of India.

On our weekend tour we spent time exploring Old Delhi’s alleys, markets, temples, and historical buildings. It was both exciting and fascinating. We had a chance to stop at a wonderful tea shop and eat some delicious pasrtries at a local hygenic food shop. We also saw mongoose, parrots, holy cows, and donkeys in the middle of the old city.

I would highly recommend Surekha Narain as a guide with insight and knowledge into the beautiful and diverse country of India. The experience and knowledge that she imparted was insightful into understanding and appreciating Delhi.

During the week, I went on a semi-private tour with Surekha and 4 other people. We explored many places that a normal tour would not have gone and had a great time. She took us to The Red Fort, rode a rickshaw in Old Delhi, explored specific markets, and had a chance to buy some wonderful handmade articles at shops where tourists normally would not get the chance to shop. Old Delhi: around Fatehpuri Masjid, Sufi sants & a Private tour of Old Delhi.

On Trip Advisor, September 2009

  “Delhi is a fascinating city historically but it’s not easy to experience it without knowing where to go and what to see. One way to overcome this is to consider walking tours of some of the hidden aspects of the many civilizations that have adopted Delhi as their capital and left their mark on history. Surekha Narain is a Heritage Walking Consultant who conducts walks around several areas of the city. She is clearly passionate and devoted on the subject of the civilizations of Delhi and has done extensive study and research to gather the facts and the figures, the locations and the routes. What is different though are the stories and the reference points she uses to bring these areas alive during the walk. I just went on a walk in Mehrauli; an area I know well – at least I thought I did. Because of Surekha I now know it a lot better!” Nick Klotz, Publisher, Mehrauli Village Walk, Sept. ’09.

Nick Klotz is a publisher from Australia and has been living in India for six years. He has traveled the country extensively and is highly passionate about India’s rich heritage. Read more about what Nick has to say in the Mehrauli walk experiences section.